Commission Painting Service

The War Forge is an independent Commission Studio in the UK and for many years I have offered a professional miniature Commission Painting Service for any and all miniatures and figures from a wide variety of systems and companies.

I am a full time commission painter based within Hull, UK, and unlike other commission studios or painting services your models are only built and painted by myself. All emails and conversations are handled though myself and not a third party or admin employee – this way you get know exactly who you’re dealing with and you receive the service you requested.

I mainly paint Warhammer and Warhammer 40k commissions but I am open to painting miniatures and models from any range.


Warhammer Commission Painting Service

Level of Painting Commission Fee
Basic Level RRP
Middle Level 2x RRP
High Level 3x RRP

See below for more detailed explanations on the costs and levels.

Basic Level


This is basic level of table top painting that can include basic  lighting effects( weapon glows, engine glows) and weathering effects ( chips and rust ) and the use of washes. If you want your models painting quickly and efficiently to a good tabletop standard then the Basic level is the place to start.

COST = £RRP of the model, you just supply the models!

Middle Level

n3Middle level includes weathering and glow effects along with shadows and highlighting and other effects ( lighting and  larva effects) including shading and highlighting. The Middle Level of painting is ideal for showcase armies that look fantastic on the battlefield and on your shelf.

COST = £RRP of the model x2, you just supply the models!

High Level

avatar 1 kin1 kin2

This is the highest standard of painting I offer and includes all of the other levels plus blending, glazing and shading to a higher quality. Ideal for single piece displays or leaders of armies.

COST = £RRP of the model x3, you just supply the models!

Time Frame of Commissions

I will calculate how long it will take me to complete your commission during our initial emails.

Commission dates are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances (such as illness) and other working delays. All commissions are treated on a First Come First Served basis but any issues will be discussed with you and new arrangements made upon both party agreements if there is a possibility of a delay.

Most visual updates are made via the Facebook Page, email, or here on the site.

Payment of Commissions

I ask for 25% of the commission fee up front to cover the costs of paints and materials I use as well as securing yourself a commission slot. When the project is complete and you are happy you simply pay the other 75% and I post the models!

Deposits are non-refundable if you wish to cancel a project (see the terms and conditions), however all models will be returned unless work has already begun on the project.

Postage of Your Models

I ask for you to pay the cost of postage (tracked and insured). I am based in the UK so bear this in mind with postage costs if you are abroad. I pack models in the best method I can, boxes within boxes layered with foam and bubble wrap. I always advise to pay for the insured and tracked methods of postage so that your models arrive safely.


Get a Quote!

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