Seen as im going to the age of sigmar throne of skulls i thought i would be a good idea to build a new army to take so i decided on Stormcast

I also wanted to do something a bit different from the usual gold or silver so i went with a bone colour. I also wanted them to look aged so added cracks to the armor.  IMG_1475I started the army by getting 2 sets of the Aos starter set which is excellent value and gives a solid base to start from.


I painted them the following way i started by undercoating them grey when it was dry I then covered  areas for the model in PVA gule ( yes i know this seems strange but bear with me ). I left them to dry when they had dried i painted patches of Agrellan Earth technical paint on to the patches of PVA glue . The glue meant that i could paint the technical paint on slightly thinner as it cracks the paint more ( i did try various crackle mediums before hand and had limited success with them).

IMG_1479Now for the paint i started with a coat of white and then used a wash to of sepia to bring out the detail after it had dried I wanted a softer look to them so i sprayed white of them from a distance to soften the wash in areas i did have to go back over with sepia to bring out the cracks in the armor.

IMG_1477As i have done all the rank and file im now painting most of the heroes including a prime hopfuly next week i should have it finished and will add some pictures on the website.


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