Hasslefree miniatures

Just finished this commission the idea was to have some of the miniatures look like movie and tv characters

IMG_1230 IMG_1231 IMG_1211 IMG_1210

The gang leader was based on Frema Agyeman in Sense 8

IMG_1208 IMG_1209 IMG_1226 IMG_1227

i had to paint 3 of the gang in urban camo  which was a nice change to paint

IMG_1224 IMG_1225 IMG_1217 IMG_1216

IMG_1215 IMG_1214 IMG_1213 IMG_1212


the 3 above i was told to paint how i wanted to i tried to make them look more civilian like to contrast the 3 in uniform

the next one are all movie based

IMG_1218 IMG_1219 IMG_1233 IMG_1232

here are Alice from resident evil  and i was told to make the new one with a bow to look like Buffy the vampire slayer

IMG_1228 IMG_1229 IMG_1222 IMG_1220

And here are Ripley and Newt from Aliens this was a really interesting and different commission which was  a lot of fun to do



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